😳$3.4 B(as in)ILLION😳

If you have been foolishly blinded by tax season(system of poverty for most and enrichment for the government), you may have missed the MEGA sale of Snap Inc. parent company to social media app Snap chat. The sale of snapchat generated $3.4 billion dollars by 1 Stanford grad and 1 Stanford dropout; making the guys the 2nd young billionaires behind Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Yup that happened and as I was reading on their journey I couldn’t help but wonder two pressing thoughts:

🤔 where are the black people and women in tech?


🤔 How could something as SIMPLE as taking & images that disappear within seconds make a fortune.

It’s baffling to me how these young men created an app that people use daily and the big boys of money actually invested in it….whats even more crazy is that Snap Inc.has NEVER generated a profit since it’s inception in 2011 (not surprising). But who gives a damn about profit when you have ideas that make you and investors FUCKING MONEY!

*money talks…bullshit walks!*




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