All I ever wanted

All I ever wanted in life is to be successful and for me success is:

having my own business(with multiple high yielding streams of income) & helping others build they successful businesses. that is pretty much it, theres more in personal areas of my life but don’t have the energy to type it all…to tired from life. How close am I to being successful? super far away, since I was young(middle school or earlier) I wanted to be an entrepreneur.found my old yearbook and saw what I wrote besides “future ambition”(eye roll) future ambition really CLS….anyways I wrote entrepreneur or neurosurgeon. there is no or bih, none at all I’ve always wanted to be in business…the only or was my mom and honestly she wasn’t a big or. she left me alone to study business in undergrad and never threatened or hindered me in anyway. Ive always known what I wanted to do in life…..just not doing it, yet(I guess).IMG_9738




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