My major mistake

I’ve made a major mistake….

I replied to an ad on Craigslist to be a personal assistant to a guy-who said he’s a professor abroad but currently in Australia and needed help handling his photography business in the USA while he’s away….he sent me his customers checks I would send him cash via WU or Monegram. The checks were forged….we were supposed to meet last week and didn’t answer

The next day the guy email me saying he was in jail….lies and bullshit…

Now weeks later…I have $3,414.15 in my checking after having over $10,000….

I dont wanna calculate how much I lost cause it’s disgusting to see how foolish I was

I dont enjoy going on Craigslist…actually detest it

I HATE going/thinking/hearing about banks

I HATE using my credit card…the thought makes me wanna puke!

I HATE going window shopping since I use my discover card

I HATE calling customer service because I feel defeated

I HATE listening.talking.thinking.dreaming about money

I HATE driving roads I used to send money

I HATE the yahoo account I made to communicate with the fraudster

I’m also haunted by my actions and would like to never see the inside of a Walmart,CVS,bank or anyplace I visited send these hoes money….

I HATE.I HATE.I HATE everything associated with this experience and wish I NEVER was stupid to believe that someone could be so wicked to defraud others…..

welcome to life kids!


  1. […] After My major mistake I learned this scam runs deep as I connected with others via Facebook who had similar tales. One of the girls had mentioned a healthcare agency or something healthcare related…well a couple weeks ago I got a text message from a “recruiter” about a job. This person texted me asking me if I was interested in the job, I said yes because I had been applying to jobs; didn’t make the connection until later that this wasn’t business professional and NO recruiter would do that. Today I received a text from the same person inquiring and I immediately deleted and blocked the number. I think I’ll have to NOT reply to numbers I don’t know…or worst case change my number but that’s the lat option. It’s annoying me….ALL of it annoys me […]


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