I’ve been studying for the CPA since March 2015 after I was fired from a public accounting internship. An internship I never enjoyed and never wanted really, I only took it cause that was ALL I had at the time. I didn’t know my value, but another day for that post. I was so close last year. I had passed audit and BEC just FAR and REG left….and I was determined to finish by end of 2016 before BEC expired. So I’m working….working….WORKINGGGGGG…..working my ass off. studying late trying to finish. and BOOM got that stupid 74 on FAR i.e. I failed far and REG I don’t even remember what I got maybe in the 60s would check but why bother. That was year 2 of the CPA journey. on to year 3 2017 and I failed REG again, didn’t show up for BEC and will be moving far, thought I would be done by April 2017 and no…no where close to that. I just wanna quit CPA studying, I’m tired, God doesn’t care about helping me pass and I’m tireddddd…..would go on and on but I don’t wanna cry anymore for this. I spend enough time doing that.



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