Shut up about marriage already

So because I am NiGERIAN the topic and questions of marriage/dating/men seem to ALLWAYS Come up and I’m over it for many reasons but mainly because I DONT GIVE A DAMN about marriage right now. I want to be married (yes), I want to have kids(yes), I want to wait till marriage to have sex(yes); I just don’t want that over success(seeĀ All I everĀ wanted). But for some reason many around me thing that marriage is the ultimate and thats cool, no problem there but please let me voice my frustration of not caring and not seeing quality guys available for the picking. Right now in this season of life I just wanna be successful and build myself up and marriage aint in there….really IDK where marriage fits in my life, if Im able to do all the cool stuff I wanna do then marriage doesn’t fit because I’ll be busy. But who knows, I’m single and I give no fucks about marriage…at all! So, please stop annoying me about when/who/how because chances are you won’t be invited and I won’t care. k. BYE!



  1. […] WhileĀ MarriageĀ isn’t high on my list I do have discussions with friends about where they mentally concerning marriage/kids/relationships and other topics 24/25 year olds have. Recently, I was talking to a close friend who was contemplating taking a year off of romantic relationships/dating and the like to solely focus on herself and God. […]


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