These hoes….

So, I lent my friend $25 late last year…..and she has yet to give it back. Sounds like the story of a million people. Last month she gave me a length excuse sheet of all the reasons why she was delayed in giving me back the $25. Then, last week she mentioned she had the money to repay me only she had not yet gone to the ATM. In my mind I’m thinking what was the point of saying this…I still won’t get my money today. Anyways, the next day I went back to her house hoping she had been to the ATM but she had not. So, we decided she would go to the ATM and come to my house to drop off the money. However, I guess I didn’t text her in a timely manner because when I stated I was home she did not reply. Today, I have yet to her from her about the $25 although we have texted during the week. It has already been a long while trying to get this money.

Today I went to her house and wanted to get the money since she has had 48+ hours to go to the ATM….and once again she gave the excuse of not going to the ATM but being able to do that later. It is not the amount of money she owes me, it is not the length of time that this balance has been outstanding, it is that she is lackadaisical in her attempts to repay me; there is no haste or thought about it.

For some reason it seems people think of me as someone who has it ALL so something as minuscule as money is nothing….HAD….I had it(see previous post). I just want my money back…save your sob story please.



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