Where I thought I’d be in life

So this year I turn 25…HOLY SHIT! I’M DREADING IT ALREADY, have been since last birthday. Here is quick list of what I thought I would have accomplished by 25.

🌟thought id have my CPA license

🌟thought I’d be in law school

🌟thought I’d have several businesses of my own making major money

🌟thought I’d have money to travel to exotic places and enjoy

🌟thought I’d have a LV Neverfull GM in the Damier Ebene Canvas(see image below) louis-vuitton-neverfull-gm-damier-ebene-canvas-icons--N41357_PM2_Front view

🌟thought I’d have lost weight and toned up my body

🌟thought I’d be able to do makeup so well..no, no still a nub

🌟thought I’d be able to give a lot of money as the lord leads. noooo I needs my dollars

🌟thought I’d be able to hear God voice….blahhhh is all I hear

🌟thought I’d be speaking in tongues…..nopeeee still English

🌟thought I’d have a better relationship with my mother…nah, same shit.different day

🌟thought I’d have a BEAST LSAT & GMAT score. not even done with CPA sooo

🌟thought I’d 🌟thought I’d 🌟thought I’d

the list goes on and OOONNNNNN

but the one thing I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE BY 25


I don’t care about that stuff…I just want success.



  1. […] Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday.Yay  guess. I had planned to take her to Ruth Chris with the left over $150 from My major mistake, but the last check bounced and so I have no money for that. Feel bad cause I actually have never taken my mom out for her bday….thought by this age I would be able to spoil my mom rotten; but no still trying to make it through life (see Where I thought I’d be in life). […]


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