Questions For God

I think often…too much…and mostly about life. Below are the questions I would ask God if I could get a 30min consultation (insert Christian phrase: the Bible is God speaking directly to YOU). Yeah, I can’t hear sooooo…..I’ll question. I could go on and on with questions but I don’t like lengthy posts.


  • Do you want me to be taking the CPA
  • Will I finish the CPA exam in 2017
  • Should I pursue a JD/MBA
  • Will I get into Harvard
  • Will I get a high LSAT score (175+)
  • Will I get a high GMAT score (750+)
  • What will my first business be?
  • What should I do after my internship in April
  • When will I succeed (see All I ever wanted & Where I thought I’d be in life)
  • Why don’t I have a good relationship with my mother
  • Why is my mother is clueless as to who I am

Love: Please see Shut up about marriage already

  • who will I marry?(for the rare days I care about love….RARE)


  • Why can’t I speak in tongues
  • Why do I not hear your voice
  • Why don’t I advance like I want spiritually
  • Why does it feel like you’ve left me
  • When will this horrid season end
  • Will my next season be filled with
  • What do my dreams mean
  • Am I a dreamer
  • How do you speak to me




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