Southwestern though?!

So because I am interested in going to law and business school(JD/MBA) I really enjoy listening to podcast that give me wisdom on navigating the entire process of the JD/MBA. I just listened to Episode 86: A Happy Beginning of the Thinking LSAT pod and I am completely floored by the outstanding number in federal student loans this young lady has. Over $300,000 in federal student loans for SouthWestern Law school….a regional private law school in California. I attempted to check the rank of this school and immediately found it to be more work than I wanted to do because I know this school is not in the top 100.and. I was correct this school is ranked 181 of a million law schools. REALLY you’ll spend nearly $500,000 when it’s all said and done for a shitty ranked school that doesn’t have a brand name.AND.because she wants to get focus in tax she has plans to get an LLM in Taxation…I heard that & rolled my eyes.But as I always say: not my kid, not my problem!



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