That one time….

I was an intern.He was a research assistant.

I’m black.He’s white

I was 21.He was 24

We exchanged numbers

He annoyed me to get a SnapChat

He sent me a dick picture. I was DISGUSTED.I was SCARED.I was ASHAMED

He asked me about my natural hair.I was annoyed

He smoked.I was annoyed

His teeth were piss yellow.I was annoyed

He has a little belly pudge.I was annoyed

He has deep sea blue eye. I like it

He paid for my lunch.I liked it

He is 6’2. I love it

He would ALWAYS come around me during tea time.I enjoyed it

He JUST wanted his FIRST sexual black girl experience.I HATE HIM



  1. Yo that’s really disgusting. Some people have no chill. What’s worse is that some people feel entitled to force themselves onto others. Sending you a dick picture for what. That’s that shit I don’t like.

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