What church folk don’t tell you

Below are things that people in church just so happen to NOT tell you…or maybe they dress it up in awesome Christian phrases(hope you caught my sarcasm)

🌟You’ll be angry with God at times. Life doesn’t go your way and you get mad at God..own it! Don’t act like you not mad. Cry.jounral.dance.etc do what you need to

🌟You’ll struggle with: anxiety,depresion,suicidal thoughts…..basically: life will happen

🌟 You’ll want quit on God

🌟You’ll have unhealthy pain mechanisms like (sex.drugs.alcohol.porn). You know it’s wrong, you want to do better….but you need something to drown your pain

🌟You’ll struggle and recognize others are struggling…with the same issues!

🌟You’ll have NO desire to portray a perfect life…and people will love you for that





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