I should…but nah!

Here is a list of all the great spiritual things I should do…but the thought make me roll my eyes!

  • I should…read my bible
  • I should…join a bible reading plan
  • I should…pray
  • I should…journal
  • I should…not watch porn
  • I should…not listen to ratchet songs (see My RatcheT plAY LIST)
  • I should…trust God
  • I should…die to self
  • I should…write bible verses
  • I should…know my identity in God
  • I should…endure this seas

I should…I should…I should…

But I don’t want to because when today I’m angry(see WHERE ARE YOU GOD?)/annoyed & frustrated(see SEAsons….stay the same)/questioning(see Questions For God) God and to do the things I know makes me feel like the pains of life don’t matter and the frustration I’m experiencing isn’t high.




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