I should…

Seated at my internship. Yes, I’ve been out of school since December 2o14 and I am an intern….I’ve only but held internships since graduating. But I have opportunities to be a full-time. Full time audit associate…full-time tax associate. I majored in accounting and went the CPA route, but I have NO desire to work in accounting.tax.finance. at least not in the traditional ways. I want to own my own business, I want to develop the next big thing, I want to help other minorities namly black people do the same (see All I ever wanted). But how close am I to doing any of those things? Not at all close, in fact I feel SOOOOO behind!! Behind…TIRED….FUSTRATED….and ready to QUIT on life and God! Because I feel God is holding me back or not allowing me to prosper. Since I was young I want to own my businesses, I knew I was to be in business. But for today, all I can do is question…and dream because dreaming is my mental escape from the shitty life I do not enjoy. That’s me a 24 year old intern…..dreaming….always dreaming, never doing…Le sigh!



  1. Word up yo. How do we transition from dreamers to doers? I also wonder how we define prosperity. What does it look like for God to allow us to prosper? Does it look different in different seasons? Lots of questions. Not many answers.

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