Saturday blah

It’s Saturday. No plans. Friends are doing whatever.Text messages are very few. I always feel lonelier on Saturdays. My best friend lives in Philly and I really don’t wanna be around many people.

Took a walk this morning even though it was 27degrees, I really enjoy Saturday morning walks. Just had a talk with God about the usual: SEAsons….stay the same,WHERE ARE YOU GOD?,Questions For God,Not Alone,Where I wanna be,Stuck & Weighted down,I should…but nah!,EXACTLY how I feel. Not an emotional as usual and didn’t cry which is always a good thing.

Had a couple business ideas as I normally do, my mind dreams and never ceases to stop in that department. Ideas I’ll begin working on.

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday.Yay  guess. I had planned to take her to Ruth Chris with the left over $150 from My major mistake, but the last check bounced and so I have no money for that. Feel bad cause I actually have never taken my mom out for her bday….thought by this age I would be able to spoil my mom rotten; but no still trying to make it through life (see Where I thought I’d be in life).

More stuff to say, not feeling it.




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