How it should be

Logged onto Instagram and BOOM! Girl I know is engaged.

No jealousy.No shade.No hateration.(see Shut up about marriage already)

NOTHING negative.JUST hooting and hollering.



The girl and her fiancé attended church together.Served on ministry teams together.Built a friendship.

Late last year she said she wants to be engaged and married in a year…but she wasn’t dating anyone.

To the outside world her desires seem farfetched, stupid even, but for Christian and African women it is a thing.

  • I do not believe it takes forever to know that you want to marry someone
  • I do not believe in LONG LENGTHY ass relationships (>4years)
  • I do not believe in cohabitation
  • I do not believe in premarital sex
  • I do not believe in divorce

I believe

Because I enjoy my single.boring love life. I enjoy Strawberry Letters by BronzeGoddess01

Should I Date My Ex’s Best Friend &Am I One Of The Homies?

While marriage is not high on my desires I do collect wisdom from people wiser than me.



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