They are me

She cuts.

She’s pregnant.

She’s lonely.

She’s depressed.

She feels alone.

She feels ignored.

She doesn’t like her sister.

She feels stupid.

Her nickname is Superhead.

She can’t trust her best friend.

She lost her virginity first semester of college.

She can’t stop having sex with boys who aren’t her boyfriend.

They wanna be doctors.

They don’t tell anyone their pains.issues.drama.tragedies.

For some strange reason I attract into my life young girls (18-20). I go place. Meet these chicks and BOOM they tell me the darkest places of their life.

It’s CRAZY because I see: myself, my pains, my achievements, my hopes, my fears in each one of these girls.

Each girl is unique.I text each girl differently.I assign different emojis to their contact.I take them different places.I talk to them about different things.I see them differently.

I love them all the same.


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