What do I tell her?

So, I have this friend…We shall call her Pam

We’ve been “church friends” since 2000

After college and life…we’ve reconnected. She’s cool, I actually really like her.

Pam is Kenyan.College educated.Pilot.Gov Engineer.Awesome woman.

She’s a pilot. She flies private planes for celebrities.sports stars.and.the like

She’s well connected. I like her for who she is, not what she does.

HOWEVER, there one thing I CANNOT stand dealing with her.

She is sooo infatuated with the guy we grew up with in church.We shall call him Mark.

Mark is Nigerian.College educated.Engineering.Works for Boeing.6’7.Chocolate.

Mark is using/has used Pam.

Pam has taken Mark on shopping sprees, bought him the latest Jordans, attended his graduation, EVERYTHING.

Today at church Pam tells me: “I took your advice and didn’t text Mark this week…he actually texted me.”

I looked at her like I normally do with eyes rolling ready to destroy the excitement she had with REALITY.

Did what I do when I want someone to know what I’m thinking without saying it fully….YET

I told her of a friend in a similar situation.Giving more to a man than receiving.A friend I tell ALL the time:

“You prayed for him…you fasted on his behalf…you took him to lunch…you help him with his essay…and your happy cause the Ninja replied to a damn text message.”


Reality is:

Mark tried to date Pam’s sister

Mark ALWAYS has a LAME excuse for why him and Pam cannot be in a committed monogamous relationship

Mark talks to Pam because he enjoys what she gives him

Mark has maintained several girlfriends since Pam has expressed her feelings for Mark

Mark doesn’t like Pam.Pam doesn’t see it.Pam doesn’t believe it.

I’ll be doing lunch with Pam in two weeks and I know she will bring up Mark.

I really wanna tell her the GOD HONEST TRUTH…Mark is using her & doesn’t like her


I dont think she can handle it.

The lies live on




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