Annoyance highs

It’s 2:12 in the morning.

20 mins ago I had finished crying myself to sleep.Stressed.Worried.Thinking.Tired.

Finished stressing myself into a tizzy.Turned into sleep position.Ready to close my eyes.

THEN.My mom opens my door.Requuesting I help her edit & send and excel spreadsheet.

It’s Fucking 1:40am. The hell is this bullshit?

Excel spreadsheet that ISN’T her responsibility.BUT.My mom knows NO boundaries.

With her her her relationships.With others.With herself.

This spreadsheet is for her stupid Nigerian women’s association.

An association full of broken hurting women looking for sisterhood.Drowing in isoltation

There is a secretary.THIS is her responsibility.The lady has given EVERY excuse to NOT do the duties she committed to.

Hence why my mom is doing it…BUT…she doesn’t know how to use the computer well.

So it’s my responsibility…like most things.

My mother just turned 52.SHE NEEDS BOUNDARIES in her life.

I cannot stand doing this shit…this isn’t the first time…I would love to promise it’ll be the last.


Her lack of boundaries makes it easy for her to dismiss my boundaries.



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