CPA ultimatum?

Been in the library since morning trying to figure out my CPA plans, however, I just cried.journaled.blogged the day away.

Here is my current CPA status.

Never thought it would take me over 800 days to finish the CPA.My initial goal was 180.

When I started studying I told myself quitting isn’t an option and if I decided to quit NEVER in my life would I attempt it again.

So, here I am. 3/13/17. Contemplating quitting after the next round of exams in April & May

If I don’t pass the 3 left in that time frame, I may just quit CPA.

I can’t handle another year of failure.

another year of coming close to passing.

another year of people’s questions.

another year of paying $200 an exam

another year of pain

another year of dreaming.believing. and coming far short of my dream

2015. I briefly thought of quitting

2016. I daily thought of quitting




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