David & Jonathan

David & Jonathan

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Sandy & Prim

If your not familiar with the friendship story of David and Jonathan let me give you the brief overview.

David, incoming King. Jonathan, son of current king & best friend to David.Saul, current king attempting to kill David(1 Samuel 18-20)

I have a best friend.10+ years of friendship.Since high freshmen year of high school.College.Life

She takes my shit.She loves me

I cuss her out.She loves me

I clapback.She loves me

She encourages me.I’m not impressed

She wants me to succeed.I don’t give a damn

She prays for me.She loves me

She send me scriptures.She loves me

She allows me to dream.She loves me

She listens to ALL my business ideas.She loves me

She listens to my mess.She loves me

I’m happy to have her in my life! She’s irreplaceable.

She knows who she is.

She knows what she means to me.

She’s my Jonathan.

I thank her.





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