Things we have in common

I am a BIG Basketball head, I played middle and high-school basketball. Wasn’t good enough to play in college nor did I want to play; however, I really enjoy watching NBA.

Que the high hyping basketball heads that scream NCCAA is better than NBA because there more passion/desire/and the money doesn’t hinder than. As you may now know from reading my other posts (see Things I like 1. & Things I like 3.) I don’t care.K thanks!

Anyways, just watched:Dray Talks Tech Investments and Billionaire Goals.Draymond has lofty goals just like me, but the desire for success in the business world goes beyond financial gain.

It’s about breaking into spheres, niches, and cracks that have been traditionally dominated by wealthy white men.

It’s about showing others that traditional realms of success are not the only spaces to dominate.

It’s about bringing up others up.One of my many life goals.


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