WhileĀ MarriageĀ isn’t high on my list I do have discussions with friends about where they mentally concerning marriage/kids/relationships and other topics 24/25 year olds have. Recently, I was talking to a close friend who was contemplating taking a year off of romantic relationships/dating and the like to solely focus on herself and God.

That got me thinking of Queen Esther in the Bible. The book of Esther gives the story of how the Queen saved her people, but theĀ quick back story: King Xerxes was looking for a wife, Esther although a Jew was among the women,Ā King Xerxes selected Esther as his wife, Esther saves the Jews. Believe that brief synopsis was enough to understand the book. The particular focus is on Esther 2:12Ā (ERV)Ā which states:

“Before a young woman could take her turn to go in before King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatmentsā€”six months with oil of myrrh and six months with perfumes and cosmetics.”

The 12 month beauty program was only for the women selected into the King’s group of women.

Making the connection yet? Maybe not, let me help you.

Similar to Queen Esther…

Year of preparation.

TimeĀ to get myself together

TimeĀ  to focus on myself

TimeĀ to become become the best me…


It DOES matter

First impression.Matters

Perception…is reality

And I am under construction.





  1. Yes we are under construction! And ain’t nothing wrong with that! What an exciting time to be alive! We are young, free and able to work on ourselves so we can be the best version of ourselves for this crazy world we find ourselves in! Excited to learn, grow and change!

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