Can God trust ME?

I’m struggling to trust God…But can He trust me?

Hoping, wishing,praying,believing that God will give me a billion dollar business idea

But, crouched in the vomit of my sin.

Pain.Discomfort.Discouragement.Disappointment….food & porn are my comfort zones

Faithful with little.

Lost BIG.

Seeking wisdom.



Hurry up and save me

Preach.Proclaim.Save.Love.Heal.Point to Him.Represent Him

I don’t care. It’s about me. I do me. They do them.Later.

His heartbeat.My dreams.His desires.My actions

No, MY dreams.MY desires.MY passions.MY.MY.MY


Delayed…unwilling to wait


Later. Success NOW!


Got it already…SUCCESS NOW!

Guess My Child you aren’t ready.Guess I can’t trust you.

Guess…trust goes both ways.

Guessing…not trusting…


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