The struggle MUST END!

Think I’ve found my Saturday morning routine; walk to lake and see Jesus, that’s how my bestie says it. When she home she enjoys seeing the geese in the lake, now she’s gone I’ve enjoy it myself.

I walked to the lake and had a talk with God, I did not give him an ultimatum because He doesn’t respond to me on those. Foolishly tried that last year the day came, the day left and nothing changed so I learned. Anyways, I ranted and poured out my heart but I left God with this:

If Easter is a celebration of Jesus’ death obedience and power, and his death provides me a godly inheritance, makes me joint-heir with God…then

I shouldn’t struggle like I do.

I shouldn’t struggle with depression, I shouldn’t STILL be studying for the CPA.

My best friend shouldn’t struggle like she does. 

She should live paycheck to paycheck.She shouldn’t be dealing with this special case of a guy.

If Easter is a great celebration, I believe it to be, then it can’t be just a day that comes and goes.

It can’t be another Sunday I go to church, sing, dance and struggle during the week.

I’ve got to get ALL Jesus paid for….



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