Ugh! Marriage conversations

Yesterday I met up with a college friend, we have remained in contact after college but haven’t physically met. So, we sit down in Cheesecake Factory and….BOOM…she shows me she’s engaged. I felt no shade, jealousy, or envy cause IDC about marriage.

I’m happy for her and if invited I would love to attend her wedding. I never assume I’ll be invited to a friends wedding, and if I’m not invited I’m not mad. It’s not that serious. Anyways, what IRKED my soul was the questioning, probing, and overall diagnosis of my lackluster love life.

So have you talked to anyone?

Are you talking to anyone?

Anything new in your life?

No.No.No, I’m not entertaining anyone or nada. 

It’s hard having these conversations with people because

1️⃣. Marriage is very low on my list of priorities

2️⃣. I think God is keeping me hidden 😆

3️⃣. The qualities of guy isn’t good…and I’m not gonna waste mine or anyone else’s time. 

Sigh! people don’t get it.


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