Ally girl

So, I have a co-worker we shall call her Ally.

Ally is educated.hard-working…and CONFUSED

For some reason, she enjoys talking to me and telling me about her life….mostly her relationship life.

I don’t share much if anything with her…we ain’t friends

She’s been with her boyfriend for 7 years, they live together, and she has NO clue why he won’t marry her.

When she first told me about this issue I just looked at her with a semi confused face and just nodded.

Today, she decided to tell me that:

SHE initiated a visit with her boyfriend to shop for rings

What I wanna say to her is:

GET YOUR LIFE and leave this apathetic guy that KNOWS he doesn’t want to marry you. He’s had 7 years to make you his wife…NO EXCUSE! Breakup and get a guy that KNOWS and is DYING to make you his wife….

But, what do I know:

I’m single

I’m a virgin

I’ve never had a boyfriend

I’m not the guy EVERY guy wants

The guys that like me…I don’t like

The guys I like….sigh! I’m just a friend

So, Ally girl…do you



  1. When I was single, people used to come to me a lot for relationship advice and I used to think what the hell!? I’m single, how do you expect me advice you on something I know next to nothing about!? But the reality is that sometimes, you see things more clearly when you are standing outside of the box than when you are in it.

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