Sigh for Sammy!

After I meet with Pam and possibly discuss Pam’s life . Ugh! I’ll be meeting with another friend Sammy.

Sammy is 26, just graduated with her Master’s in accounting and wants to take the CPA. Naturally, she wants to meet up with me and discuss ALL things CPA.

I never mind encouraging and taking to people about CPA, BUT, I’m already TIRED of Sammy’s insecurity(work ethic, intelligence,etc) about her ability to pass the CPA.

What I want to say tomorrow to Sammy:

Get your shit together and either take this exam or be like the rest of people making bullshit excuses about why they can’t take or pass the CPA….as me and other will DO, and PASS….K thanks!

I honestly don’t know what to say and I’m already draining trying to encourage her via text….in person….

oh Gawwwddd!



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