Sitting in the library…studying for CPA

Friend(not really a friend…we just went to school together.) says she’s coming to join me in studying for her own exam…I say okay.

She comes…




She has passed 2/4 parts of the CPA….the two parts I struggled with passing(not that I care)

…..and she’s going on a vacation….🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😞😩😔😑

This was the girl I watched spend hours on IG…while she was supposed to be studying

The girl I watched come to the library…”study” and go home, knowing she doesn’t study at home

The girl I heard speak negatively about her abilities to study for the CPA

The girl that quit her job last year to study for the CPA

The girl I tried to motivate to study

The girl for a split second I thought I was better than….


This is the girl that graduated with >3.5GPA & 3.8GPA major

The girl that got a job with PWC outside of recruiting season

The girl that endured crazy busy season hours

The girl I’m not friends with

What did I expect….

Now I know…




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