Why is my own different?

Promised myself I wouldn’t cry….but I did. only cried for about 20mins which is better than before…

I cried because I feel like when I have goals it’s always a LONG drawn out process….it’s not simple like other’s and that shit is ANNOYING!

In 2015 I made the goal to pass the CPA in 6 month, since I was fired from my public accounting internship…

and here I am YEARS….YEARS LATER and several thousand dollars later…

STILL TAKING THIS DAMN EXAM….and I’m seeing people put their work in and


Why God is my own different?

Why can’t I set a goal…work…and meet the goal?

I prayed…I cried…I stayed positive…I encouraged others

and where has that shit gotten me?

Nowhere…but still taking this damn exam


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