They all the same?

I have a GOOD friend…her name is Kaleigh, but I call her Kay for short

Kay met a nice, smart guy at church. Lets call him Daniel

Daniel is 29. Daniel just graduated college. Daniel is growing in ministry.

DANIEL IS A MESS….but still we liked him

Kay prayed for Daniel

Kay fasted on behalf on Daniel

Kay encouraged Daniel

Kay showed much love to Daniel


Daniel dismissed her feelings

Daniel was unsure about his feelings

Daniel strung her along

Daniel juggled her…amongst other girls

Daniel doesn’t have his shit together

Daniel held Kay in limbo

Daniel is emotionally jacked up

I love Kay.

Kay can do better than Daniel.

Kay is free to move on with her life.

Kay deserves a man that is surely knows he loves her and ONLY her!




  1. Yo Daniel is trifling!!! I hope Kay heals well from this experience and emerges even stronger, more beautiful, resilient and powerful!


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