Fasting in order…😎😎😎

As quarter one of 2017 comes to an end….I’m doing some reflection and it led me to say:

Let me fast in April and see if God won’t speak to me about my life.

My Fasting details:

🌟April 1-30


🌟Water/Smoothie/1 cup of OJ in morning

🌟Spend 1 hour with God a day (mornings or evenings)

🌟No social media(IG.FB.Twitter.ETC)

blogging is allowed…and will INCREASE!

⭐️Monastic life (Date with Layla since I promised her in Feb, wanna honor that)

🌟Complete one bible plan a day

Goal of fast:

Hear God for myself & WIN the mental battles (depression, stress, worry, anxiety)


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