I’m NOT everyone else

It’s RARE I tell people of my intentionsĀ concerning my graduate school plans.

I NEVER tell anyone because I learned the game quick enough to know it’s best not said.

Today, as I briefly went to church for communion Sunday(I don’t like missing communion), I had an interesting conversation with someone I’VE NEVER seen at church, although he said he’s been going since 1991. I’ve been going since 2000.

We shall call him James.I talked to James because I heard he’s a business lawyer.

James has a BS in Mechanical engineering.JD.MBA.Current professor at a local DMV college

James also oversees several businesses according to him.

Now I know African people can LIE for shit…but put that aside, I believe him.

James semi is me in the sense that he’s NEVER had a full-time job but has only held internships.

As I’m talking to James he tells me to shoot for T-14 +Howard in terms of JD/MBA.

I reply to him honestly, I want to go to a top 5 school.

To which he replies shoot for T-14 +Howard.

That conversation was over 2 hours ago….BUT mentally I haven’t let it go. Why

I HATE the fact that James thinks I’m like EVERYONE else who declares their intention for a top school/program…BUT fails to actually attend or put the work it takes into achieving that dream.

I’m NOT limiting God…got a word about that in high school

I have confidence in God and the abilities He gave me.

I have confidence in the dream God gave me(story for another time, but long story short)

I got into Harvard, Yale, UPENN, StanfordĀ 

After WRESTLING with the challenge of the CPA…I know the amount of energy, effort, mental fortitude it takes to succeed.

I’m NOT unwilling to work for my goals.

I don’t quit.

I’m resilient.

I’m brave.

I’m confident.

I’m unwavering in my values and goals.

I’m personable

I’m cool

I’m chill

I’m NOT everyone else, I’m NOT anyone else, I’m ME!

and ME…I go for what I want



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