Fast day 1 & 2

Plan: 640x360

Day 1 of 5:Untitled 

But…Beth, what about when God doesn’t do what you thought He would….how do you found Him faithful still?

Day 2 of 5:Untitled

Geez, guess God’s glory isn’t shown in my purity cause I surely have been sinning like Nobodies business! ChAI!

Day 3 of 5:

I can be so honest and say my soul is in NO way satisfied with Christ. I use anything and everything to fill my void; I use porn, ratchet music, food. Those are my favorite things do but it leaves me so dry afterward.

Day 4 of 5:

UntitledInfrequent surprise….yeah thats how I feel like God’s peace is. How do we activate the gifts of the spirit?

Day 5 of 5:

Untitled:UntitledThat makes my struggles put into perspective that the evidence of His presence isn’t always there. I surely don’t see the evidence of his presence in this current season. God’s silence is for our faith to grow.

Next thoughts/steps: Believe God is with me in this storm. 



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