I HAD this friend, Melissa. I thought she was a friend, I loved her like a little sister.

We met in church, she’s Nigerian, she worked where I did.

I dropped her home after a church service, I thought she was cool. I thought we should build a friendship.

Then….she moved from CP to living 5mins away from me!

Thought that was a GOLDEN Opportunity to build a friendship; a sisterhood

We talked about life, boys, clothes

We shared clothes

We went to church together 

It seemed perfect. She thought I was perfect.

She was a LEECH,


I HATED when she called me, 

I dodged her calls. 

I delayed replying to her texts.

She was/is jealous of me because:

I have a mom that works a “good” job.

I’m an only child, so she thinks I’m spoiled

I drove a brand new fancy Toyota Camry

My family isn’t unstable and doesn’t move from place to place like hers

She thought I had it MADE in life

I gave her $225,

she NEVER paid me back.

She never as much gave me a dollar.

She never EVEN dreamt of paying me back.

She NEVER had the intention of paying me back.

She used me. I allowed her to. I wanted to make the friendship work.

Long story short:

she moved. I tried to make the friendship work ONE LAST time.

I couldn’t do it.

I let the friendship die.

She texted & called me yesterday requesting her jumpsuit.

I ignored her text, I missed her call

I don’t care for her. we aren’t friends. we never were.

She was always jealous of me….because I ONLY showed her the good highlights of my life.

I NEVER shared my life struggles…not that she would care or was willing to bear those burdens.

Somedays it still stings…somedays I remember it and get annoyed.

Her annoyance.

Her dishonesty.

Her lack of character.

I want NOTHING to do with her.


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