Day 1 of 21:UntitledlUntitledDay 2 of 21:UntitledDay 3 of 21:UntitledDay 4 of 21:UntitledDay 5 of 21:UntitledDay 6 of 21:UntitledDay 7 of 21:Untitled

I haven’t really been praying or journaling but I need to do that.

Day 8 of 21:Untitled1Untitled……God moving mountains in my life? First thought…CPA….🙄🙄🙄

Day 9 of 21:Untitled.jpegTIRED IS MY CONSTANT STATE ON THIS FAST…..gotta do more water intake and giving up IS NOT an option!

Day 10 of 21:UntitledDay 11 of 21:UntitledDay 12 of 21(full devotional):UntitledSomething I need to do

Day 13 of 21:Untitled.jpegDay 14 of 21(full devotional):Untitled.jpegfiller not forcer….ooohh!!Good word!

Day 15 of 21(full devotional):Untitled.jpegDay 16 of 21:Untitled.jpegDay 17 of 21:Untitled.jpegDay 18 of 21:UntitledjUntitledDay 19 of 21:UntitledjUntitledDay 20 of 21:UntitledDay 21 of 21:Untitled


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