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  1. God is the ultimate therapist. But He also speaks through others, and sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we need someone else to help us not only identify our issues, but develop an action plan to overcome our issues. If we want to extend this “free” argument, then we can say running outside is free… body weight exercises are free…. who needs a personal trainer? Nutritional information is free, nutritional guidelines and many meal plan resources are free…. who needs a nutritionist? You can do very well without those professionals. But the thing is, working with professionals (the right ones) can actually save you time and energy and OPTIMIZE your process….. what would have taken you years stumbling around and figuring out on your own can be achieved in less time. Everyone’s process is different and not everyone will need a counselor, but I think it’s silly to simply wave away the need of a therapist on the basis of economics. We can go to God with all our problems and therapy is NOT a substitute for developing a relationship with Him, but therapy is not useless… and it’s certainly not a waste of money if it’s approached properly.


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